Takip Et @HakanYaman63


Writing a short farewell note before commiting suicide is customary.

<p>But I am leaving a voluminous novel behind. I am doing this not only because I do not know another way of telling you the reason why I gave up living; I am doing it because I still have so many things to tell. <br />I don't mind if you hadn&rsquo;t read my previous novels, but you must read this one. Can you dear reader? For the first time, I am telling you the truth in this novel; I am not telling any lies for the first time. I know that you like the true stories more than fictions any way. You hide your secret pleasure of being away from the disasters you dreadfully read and silently say prayers. Do it again, but I have a little request from you. I would like you to remember Naz&rsquo;s and Zahide&rsquo;s distant but colorful dreams every time you take this novel into your hands. I don't mind if you ever remember me; yet more, forget me, forget me dear reader.


16 January 2018