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Huzzam’s Possibility of Flying

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İlknur Özdemir395SİA Kitap2022

A new book has been published. Its name is ‘Lying Down to Die’. I found it here by chance… The hero of the novel lies to die in a comfortable hotel room. How weird. We are waking up to die from our iron bunk beds every day. That’s why they keep us alive. This is why they give us our bread and water. Going out to courtyard for fresh air and water are all for this. So that we can wake up to die. Maybe it’s best not to wake up at all. Because if we can’t wake up, we can’t die too…”


Three coups, three periods: 1960 Coup, 12 March Coup, 1980 Coup. In Hüzzam’s Possibility of Flying, Hakan Yaman weaves together in striking detail the events that shook the society, led to the arrest, torture and death of hundreds of people, the separation of families and the loss of lives; It introduces the world of young people, filled with unfulfilled loves and unfulfilled dreams. In the novel, which touches upon real people, from Turan Emeksiz to Deniz Gezmiş, from Talat Aydemir to Mahir Çayan, as well as imaginary heroes, these three chaotic periods create a painful backdrop with their ideals, destruction, and disappointments, to the novel of an Idealist elder brother’s Revolutionist younger brother İsa… This striking novel, which Hakan Yaman wrote with an in-depth document study and what he heard from dozens of witnesses, is perhaps one of the most comprehensive works that deal with these periods fictionally.

Hüzzam’s Possibility of Flying is perhaps a showdown, maybe a heartbreaking, maybe a confrontation. Or a reminder: Maybe freedom will be experienced when Hüzzam can fly with its broken wing. Who knows…

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