Kanal D Haber, November 07, 2008

Hakan Yaman’s first novel was ‘The Wings of Israfel’. Yaman was chasing a mysterious book in his first novel. Afterwards, the story was going into Ottoman times and the adventures of four young friends in the 1950s of Turkey.

This novel was attracted attentions by touching on the Events of September 6-7 in 1955 through the individual lives of four youngsters and a mysterious book. Yaman’s second novel, ‘Woman in the Photograph’ is expressing a love story starts with a photograph taken by coincidence.

Suphi, the protagonist of the novel falls in love with a woman whose picture he has taken. There is almost nothing on his hands about this woman but only a photograph. Suphi starts searching a trace from here in the streets of the city.

Yaman’s fiction is based on the transformations and changes in Suphi’s world as the result of this quest. Suphi will learn to be patient and not to compromise his ideals and targets in this cruel quest.